Lilith — Eden's Planetary Princess
Eden's Planetary Princess


Some believe that Lilith, not Eve, was Adam’s first wife in the Garden of Eden. Lilith wasn’t Adam’s first wife, nor anyone else’s wife for that matter. And Eden wasn’t a garden on Earth; it was Earth’s sister planet.

After Lilith’s rise to power over Eden, and her eventual destruction of that doomed planet, never has there been a man brave enough, or stupid enough to try to tame her.

This is the story of how Lilith came to power.

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Eden’s Planetary Princess

35,000 years ago, the war in Heaven explodes into Eden’s Material world. Angels incarnating into Eden, a cesspool of evil, inhumanity, and abuse are being captured and Harvest. Their Essence is dissected, and their parts are used to create an army of Nephilim, manufactured creatures perfectly loyal to their Overlord masters.

King Joshua is desperate to save His Angels. After all, it was He who sent them into this battle to fight the Overlords. His Angels willingly volunteered to dive into Eden to protect the citizens of that troubled world from the invading Overlords. However, his Angels risk being captured and destroyed by the Harvesters, thereby loosing their existence for all time. 

Now a new enemy has emerged — Lilith. A military leader of unprecedented brilliance, she has arisen out of nowhere, becoming Eden’s Planetary Princess, Eden’s absolute ruler. This is the story of her rise to power.

Book One of The Michael Archives

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Lilith —Eden’s Planetary Princess is the first book in the Fiction Series called The Michael Archives. The Series is based on C.E. Robinson’s Weltanschauung and his ongoing conversations with El Elyon, God the Father.

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The Michael Archives are my Weltanschauung, my worldview, the way I look at life – it’s my philosophic, moral, scientific, humanistic, religious, and cosmic understanding of everything. And it was God, the Universal Father, El Elyon, who revealed this Weltanschauung to me over the last dozen years. Want to know more? Read my blog:  A New Mythology for a New Earth.

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