Understanding Time


The way in which El Elyon, the Universal God experiences time is different than how someone on a Material realm like Eden or Urantia (Earth) experiences it. This is because the high mass of Celestial Mansion Worlds creates greater curvature in the local gravitational fields, thereby slowing the perception of time. While Eden inhabitants experience the passage of one year, Oceania residents experience a month and El Elyon experiences the passage of only four minutes.

Mansion World III spheres in the Celestial realms such as Oceania are designed for administration and recreation. The moons that orbit a Mansion World III sphere are tuned to correspond to useful time intervals on a Material planet.

Material Planets (Eden, Urantia) Mansion World I (Elysium) Mansion World III (Blue Moon-L3) Oceania Residents Mansion World III (Green Moon L2) Mansion World V (Edentia, Salvington) King Joshua Time Mansion World III (Red Moon-L1) Mansion World VII (Havona, Uversa) El Elyon Time
1 Year 1 Month 5 Days, 14 Hours 4 Minutes
12 Years 1 Year 2 Months, 11 Days 48 Minutes
60 Years 5 Years 1 Year 2 Hours
2,000 Years Ago Jesus Born 167 Years 33 Years, 4 Months 1 Day, 18.7 Hours
40,320 Years Ago Earliest known cave paintings on Urantia 3,360 Years 672 Year 1 Month
200,400 Years Ago Modern Humans appeared on Urantia 16,700 Years 3,340 Years 4 Months, 27 Days
295,356 Years Ago Smigyl's Rebellion of Liberty 24,613 Years 4,923 Years 7 Months, 9 Days
483,840 Years Ago 40,320 Years 8,064 Years 1 Year

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On Oceania, residents choose which moon to use when synchronizing their internal biological clocks. Most residents and visitors choose to tune themselves to the Green Moon or L2 time.

Eden Theater Commander Colonel Josephine Doulmahel can easily align herself with multiple time cycles. Tracking the Blue Moon, L3 time, helps her track with planet Eden. The Green Moon, L2 time, helps her keep track of relationships on Oceania. The Red Moon, L1 time which is equivalent to Mansion World V, helps her align with Kahmael Shiva, her boss and King Joshua.