Want to see a REAL Angel?

06_77027617Want to see a REAL Angel? 

Here’s how Lady Sipheria explained it to me.

By: Lady Sipheria, Sisters of Mercy


Dogs. Dogs as in canine pets. If you seek a species with the highest concentration of incarnated Angels, look here first.

Dog lovers already know this.

Well, they may not ‘know’ this, as in intellectually understanding or believing that the Personality, which inhabits their pet’s physical body is an actual Angel.

I don’t mean ‘like an Angel’. I mean a REAL Angel dwelling in a dog’s physical body.

Is your dog your best friend? Is he always by your side when you’ve had a bad day, a bad year, or a bad life? Does he seem to understand you, care about you, love you when it seems no one else does?

Before you enter your house, he’s already at the door waiting to greet you. He wags his tail, barks, and runs in circles because he’s just so delighted to see you again. He looks at you and tells you he understands, he wants to make you feel better, and that you are the most important creature in existence.

Look into his eyes — you’ll see unconditional love. You must know then that the Being who inhabits that canine body is an Angel.

An Angel sent for you. An Angel sent specifically for YOU. An Angel who, from the Celestial Realm, saw you needed help, that you needed a friend. An Angel who intentionally, with full knowledge of their assignment, signed up to leave Havona and descend into a canine fetus to be your personal companion – a pal who would always be there for you.

Go and find your dog right now, look into his eyes, and ask him, “Are you an Angel?” For 95% of this planet’s canine pets, you’ll find the word ‘yes’ pop in your mind. Do you wonder who speaks into your mind? That ‘yes’ comes from me, Lady Sipheria, King Joshua’s Archangel of Compassion. I am in charge of, a teacher of, and the protector of all Angels in this Creation.

As for cats? Well, they’re a different thing. Most of the Personalities which inhabit a feline body are Angirasas. That topic is worthy of a later discussion.

If you believe in the scriptures where El Elyon promised to send comforters, and if you believe Angels are the ultimate comforter, then it’s simple and rational to believe an Angel can enter into a canine fetus for the purpose of comforting their misunderstood, stressed-out, sad, or broken-hearted human friends.

The way your Angelic dog pours unconditional love upon you is the way God the Father loves you. After all, El Elyon, God the Father, sent Angels into this Creation, to find you, to comfort you, to love you – in just the same way He loves you right now.

But one piece of advice.

Accept the love. To the extent you are capable, love them back. They will relish every drop you can spare.

At the end of this rough, even horrible life for some of us, you will eventually ascend and wake up on a Celestial Mansion World Resurrection Hall Sphere. When you do, those Angels who stood by you while in canine flesh, the individual ones who inhabited your dog’s body, will be the first ones to rush to greet you. Whether in the Heavens or on the earth, they will pour that same Angelic love upon you.

Of course, Angels appear everywhere – not just dogs. Cheerleaders, waiters, waitresses, laborers, nurses, doctors, shop owners, and housekeepers are favorite Angelic occupations. There are also numerous ministers, priests, imams, and rabbis, even political leaders who are influential Angels incarnated into a human body.

Angels willingly incarnate ANYWHERE they are asked to go. They gladly dive into poverty stricken worlds, for the purpose of doing nothing influential beyond cleaning dishes for cruel masters. They have nothing to prove, for they are already Angels and will always be Angels.

They were born, good to the core.

And they will always be good to the core.

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of Nephilim and Demigods, in high-influence occupations, who are anything but good to the core, who are anything but Angels. With this group, you shouldn’t make any assumptions. With a politician never assume anything. That’s because we’re in hell.

The monsters of hell lust for power so terribly; they will do absolutely anything to anyone, just to gain another Shekel. They grasp onto power and control so tightly, so blindly, they are incapable of seeing those deeper, darker layers of hell, those horrible realms into which they are already falling.

But the Angels who came as comforters and incarnated into canine bodies are nothing at all like that. The only power these Angels claim to possess is the power to love. They are members of an Angelic Choir, ‘The Sisters of Mercy’. Accept, treasure, and respect their love.


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