The Givers

Virtually, everyone believes that a good, compassionate, all-powerful Creator came first and then evil, Satan came second. In the Creation Story, you see that this was untrue — the Takers, Satan and his Overlords, true to their descriptor, “took” from the Givers who “gave” and subjugated them until The Lake of Fire decided it didn’t have to be this way and created El Elyon and Rose.

Those loyal to El Elyon and Rose belong to one of three primary groups—The Sisters of Mercy, the Valkyrie, and the Council of Thrones. Different individuals have headed these three primary groups as the wars have moved from one Creation to the next.

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In Creation #700,000, which is where Eden (and Earth) are, Lady Sipheria, King Joshua’s Archangel of Compassion heads The Sisters of Mercy. This Sisters are servants at heart. They willing dive into Material worlds like Eden to an attempt to rescue Angels who have been led astray by the Overlords.

The Valkyrie are the warriors, physically fighting the battles. Major General Machiventa Melchizedek, Joshua and Magdalene’s second eldest son leads the Valkyrie.

The third group, the Council of Thrones for Creation #700,000 are headed by King Nimrod and Queen Eneh, the authors and rulers of Creation #71,000. The Council is comprised of 12 Michael Sons and 12 Mother Spirits.

King Joshua along with Queen Magdalene are the ultimate authors, and rule over Creation #700,000, where Urantia (Earth as you know it) resides. You may have heard of ‘The Council of Twelve’. They are King Joshua’s primary advisors. All twelve are Michael Sons, with King Nimrod as their head.

A separate Council of Twelve function as Queen Magdalene’s primary advisors. All twelve are Mother Spirits, with Queen Eneh at their head.

As far as the larger body of The Council of Thrones, King Ayasia, the eldest Michael Son, serves as the perpetual head of the 700,000 Michael Sons. His mate, Queen Ariea serves as the perpetual head of the 700,000 Mother Spirits. Ayasia reports to El Elyon and Ariea reports to Rose.

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