C.E. Robinson

C.E. Robinson

Scientist, Philosopher, Writer Robinson109FC.E. Robinson (Charles) was born and raised on a small farm on the coast of North Carolina and now lives in outside Austin, Texas with his wife and a few cats. He is a scientist, philosopher, and writer, having been a nuclear power engineer, a student of Eastern philosophy, and a research scientist specializing in environmental toxicology. One day, quite unexpectedly, a doorway opened and the philosophy and stories of THE MICHAEL ARCHIVES were revealed to Charles. He eats and breathes his character’s lives. What a relief it is when they shut up long enough for him to get some sleep.


Interview With C.E. Robinson


C.E. Robinson (Charles) went through a crisis of the mind 13 years ago when an epic story replete with real characters spontaneously unfolded in his mind. “Writing wasn’t something I chose,” Robinson says. “This story, these characters, kept haunting me until I wrote it all down. And 13 years later, they continue to haunt me if I don’t write every day. It’s like a dam broke in my mind and now the story won’t stop flowing. I wish I could say the story slowly reveled itself, but that’s not true. I had no choice but to write down this new reality playing out in my mind.”

It’s like Robert Heinlein on steroids. 
Originally, Robinson started writing what he thought was the beginning of THE MICHAEL ARCHIVES, but as the years went by, he kept discovering earlier pieces of the story. Several years ago, he found the beginning of THE MICHAEL ARCHIVES and for the last few years has completed and refined the story that Book 1 in the series. Asked what he likens THE MICHAEL ARCHIVES to, Robinson says, “If you merged Dune with Harry Potter, sprinkled in the Urantia Book, and asked Joseph Campbell to put his spin on it, you’d have The Michael Archives.” THE MICHAEL ARCHIVES is the story of the war in Heaven between the Angels and the Overlords, The Givers and The Takers, and how that war continues to impact millions of populated worlds throughout the Universe. This richly imagined epic chronicles the past 35,000-year battle between Satan’s Overlords and King Joshua’s loving, compassionate Angels. “Look at all the problems on Earth – both past and present – I believe you can trace key historical figures to incarnated Gods and Angels who carry their battle from Heaven and the Celestial Worlds into our material realm. That’s my personal worldview on it.” Charles said. The first book, LILITH—EDEN’S PLANETARY PRINCESS, begins with Lord Smigyl traveling to Salvington to gain King Joshua’s approval for his Tower of Light. Smigyl stops at Elysium where he makes a war-inducing decision. Meanwhile, on Oceania, vacation spot for Angels recovering from their latest incarnation into Eden, Theater Commander Colonel Josephine Doulmahel struggles with her new responsibilities, falls in love, and becomes the assassination target of her archival, Kuko Kiena. Charles is not certain whether THE MICHAEL ARCHIVES is just a great fiction story or divine revelation from our Creator. Part of him believes he’s the most recent incarnation of King Ayasia of Ninveth, the archivist for THE MICHAEL ARCHIVES, thus making Charles a scribe for Ayasia. Regardless, the story and characters are alive, addictive, and provocative.
Look at all the problems on Earth – both past and present – I believe you can trace key historical figures to incarnated Gods and Angels who carry their battle from Heaven and the Celestial Worlds into our material realm.
Charles is uniquely positioned to write about the war in Heaven as depicted in THE MICHAEL ARCHIVES. His early childhood had a profound experience on him as he bounced between three different religious experiences. “I was tossed between the Primitive Baptists in North Carolina, the Evangelicals in Idaho, and The Brethren in England. I listened to every word the preachers said and tried to find the truth. It seemed everything was jumbled and misunderstood by all the great religions. I became an ardent student of all religions, mythologies, philosophies, and cosmology.” After graduating from college and entering the nuclear power industry, he embarked on a 25-year adventure in a meditation cult. “I dove deep into transcendental consciousness and followed a guru around the world, all in search of the answers – Why are we here? What is life all about? Who are we? Is it true only certain people go to Heaven? Are tragic events really just bad luck or is there a deeper meaning to these events?”Charles Headshot at Lake The real breakthrough happened when he became disenfranchised with his meditation guru. “My whole world, my philosophy of life, came crashing down after I realized I had been duped. I found myself stripped back to an infant of the world – no philosophy, no worldview, no hope. It was at this lowest point when a new mythology was revealed to me and I started writing THE MICHAEL ARCHIVES.”   CERobinson@MichaelArchives.com