The Takers



Let’s talk about those 10 Overlords. The Lake of Fire created a vast arena called Satan’s First Kingdom, and the spit out every conceivable combination of Give and Take, Male and Female.

Some time after their creation (read the Creation story), the Overlord’s power structures became somewhat stable as they conquered the Givers. The Overlords, their Demigods, and their Priests developed vast kingdoms of servants and slaves, engaged in never ending wars against each other.

Overlords one through seven are the embodiments of the seven deadly sins:  Envy, Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Lust, and Sloth. Long before El Elyon was created, they named themselves Count Ved Vyasa, Lord Narayana, Goddess Lakshmi, Prince Satan, Lord Indra, Prince Caligastia, and Prince Daligastia.

Overlords eight and nine are Zohar and Isis, representing the sins of self-worship and weakness.

Overlord number ten is Cronus, the head of the Overlord council as appointed by Satan. He is the primary archetype of the sin of self-servitude, a real smooth talker, the epitome of a sleazy politician. Like the others, Cronus has gone by many names. Most call him Lord Smigyl, but his most famous salutation is ‘The God of Light’.



Another really useful way to talk about the Overlords is in terms of their sins.


2015.11.24 Deadly Sins



What’s really interesting is to contrast these sins with their corresponding virtues. On page 329 of LILITH (softcover edition) you’ll find Marije reading this list and the reaction she has to it (not good). On the ebook version, just flip to Chapter 55 or search for ‘Virtue’ and ‘Sin’.

I’ll be releasing Lady Sipheria’s book — Thoughts on Ethics: A Message for The Sisters of Mercy — soon.

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In LILITH—EDEN’S PLANETARY PRINCESS, you get a close-up look at Lord Indra, Lord Smigyl, and Goddess Lakshmi. Below are the relationships and key characters for these three Overlords.


2015.12.04 Smigyl


2015.12.04 Lakshmi

Although not complete, the following chart shows the key characters on Indra’s team stationed on Elysium in Book 1 — LILITH—EDEN’S PLANETARY PRINCESS.



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