To really understand the Characters, read how all of Creation came into existence. You’ll be surprised to hear that El Elyon, the Ultimate Giver, our Universal Father, did not create Evil. Satan came into existence before El Elyon. Satan and his kingdom were the source of Evil.

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2 Factions and 13 Divisions

The 13 Primes—Rulers of Existence

Two sides and 13 Divisions. Every character in LILITH belongs to one of these groups. (Actually, YOU belong to one of these groups. You, me, and everyone you have ever heard of, indeed every individual who has ever existed throughout all history and myth, belong to one of these thirteen groups, called the Thirteen Primes.)

The ten Overlord families comprise the first and oldest group — The Takers.




The remaining three Primes are on El Elyon’s side—the Givers.


2015.11.06 El Elyons side

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Searchable List of Characters

Here’s an incomplete list of the key characters in LILITH — Eden’s Planetary Princess. There are some characters mentioned in LILITH not included below. Let me know what additional characters you’d like to see on this list.


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