Creation Story

In The Beginning…


In the beginning, there was Nothing.

How long that Nothingness existed is unknowable. Nevertheless, within this Nothingness there existed the capacity for something. And then something else. And then many things. This cascade quickly expanded, exploding into the Lake of Fire.2015.10.26 Good v Evil

The Lake of Fire was filled with all possibilities. And one of those possibilities was a division between all possibilities and discrete realities. To create this division, the Lake of Fire fabricated a barrier. Two opposing possibilities migrated across that barrier, emerging from the Lake of Fire – a pure Desire to Take and a pure Desire to Give. It was not long before the Desire to Take overcame and subjugated the Desire to Give.

The Desire to Take gave rise to a being, a Prince who would rule everything – Prince Satan. Prince Satan created a cosmos built upon his nature. It was a realm built upon taking, built upon subjugation, built upon slavery, built upon exploitation.

Prince Satan constructed a vast kingdom filled with many servants. It flourished for millions of years, but then something happened.

The Lake of Fire, still being the field of all possibilities, cognized that “It doesn’t have to be this way.” Immediately, right along with this cognition, the Lake of Fire gave rise to El Elyon, a Being filled with love, filled with giving, filled with compassion – everything Prince Satan was not.

Knowing He would need a woman’s touch, The Lake of Fire gave El Elyon His ultimate gift, that which became most precious to Him – an equal Mate, His Mate, a Female named Rose. The Lake of Fire also gave them the Canopy of Heaven, a vast arena in which to build their new lives. Together they became the Universal Father and the Infinite Mother. Together they gave their Kingdom a name — Havona.

Satan and his allies, those whom he called ‘The Overlords,’ realized something had happened. But because the Canopy of Heaven was not part of their Kingdom, no matter how hard they searched, he and his Overlords could not locate the Canopy, nor could they see through it.

Satan’s blindness to The Lake of Fire’s new creations gave El Elyon and Rose plenty of time. They spoke, loved, and contemplated together for many years. They needed tools to implement their desire, so they created the Thicyphers, little machines with no personal awareness. Together they built everything that eventually filled their Kingdom – soil, stone, water, air, bacteria, flowers, trees, bugs, birds, reptiles, and eventually mammals.

With that Glorious ecosystem in place, El Elyon and Rose set upon their masterpiece, a Triteen, a person, someone capable of free will. Their first Triteen was a God who would eventually be their first representative, King Ayasia of Havona.

El Elyon and Rose continued to create more Angels, Artisans, and Melchizedeks. They personified the Thicyphers. They created more pairs of Divine Twins – the equivalents of Ayasia and Ariea – until there were ultimately 700,000 pairs.

When Ayasia turned 21, he approached his Father and asked, “Is there anything outside our Kingdom?” Ayasia became the first child to hear the name ‘Prince Satan’ uttered. It was then that he learned of El Elyon’s desire to destroy Satan’s kingdom and for all time liberate those whom Satan and his Overlords had enslaved.


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