Creation or Evolution?

9--EvolutionCreation or Evolution?

Actually, it’s both. Here’s how El Elyon, our Universal Father explained it to me.


By El Elyon of Havona


Some religions claim humans and all existence was designed and created by an all-powerful Being. Philosophers throughout human history have put forth various alternative theories regarding the manifestation of humans. My mate, Rose, the Universal Mother, is particularly fond of the Atomist’s theory, saying women manifested from particularly foolish men.

The reason Charles Darwin created such a stink was because he put forth a mechanism called Natural Selection. The key word here is ‘mechanism’. For if we are to follow the Scientific Method, then we must put forth a mechanism of how cause leads to effect.

That’s what Charles Darwin did with his book, On the Origin of Species. He put forth a mechanism called Natural Selection, a mechanism that allowed one species to selectively out-compete its brothers. Whether that new, more advanced generation of animals had manifested in great leaps, or slowly over hundreds of thousands of years, really isn’t relevant; the effect is still driven by Natural Selection.

Because his book generated such a row back in the Year of Our Lord, 1859, and has continued to cause such a row even today, we can only surmise that his theory is ‘spot on’.

Let’s be clear about this. Darwin put forth the mechanism of how selective pressure from any given environmental niche causes various ‘species’ to originate. Simply said in today’s terms, whenever a new genetic code comes along, whichever new genetic code gives rise to an animal with a selective advantage within their particular environmental niche, that will be the animal most likely to survive and reproduce.

However, the mechanism of Natural Selection did not explain, nor will it ever explain how LIFE came into existence.



When it comes to creation versus evolution, I am always intrigued and entertained with all the noise that comes bubbling out of the mouths of, otherwise, seemingly bright people.

You, who are struck down by Tora’s Letter of the Law. You think Rose and I created this beautifully balanced ecosystem in five thousand Urantian years? Good God. Get a life.

Still, I’m a loving, Fatherly Deity and can forgive humble, uneducated children who run on faith. The thing I have not done so far is forgive ‘intellectuals’ who claim to follow The Scientific Method, while making equally ignorant statements. My all time favorite is, ‘Starting with single cell organisms…’

Really? Are you insane? That’s your starting point? You start with single cell organisms? Why? Because they are really, really small and hard to see unless you have a microscope? Are the activities transpiring within a cell so mysterious you have to assume sub-cellular mechanisms somehow, spontaneously manifested?

Because the next obvious question is, just where the heck do you think those single cells came from?

Outer space? Brought here by aliens? Are you mad? Like that solves the problem! You just shove your trivial theories off to some other planet?

This nonsense goes on and on because the cells that constitute LIFE are complex and complicated machines, and most atheists are either too lazy or too corrupt to educate themselves on what really transpires inside a cell.

Want to prove me wrong? That’s great.

Start by reading an excellent book entitled, The Molecular Biology of the Cell, by Bruce Alberts and his team.

It will change your life. Regardless of who you are or what your beliefs may be, if you have any interest in evolution or creation or life, or just want to learn something crucially important about your own nature, then read it cover to cover.

For many of you this book will be a tough read. You’ll have to take it slowly, sentence-by-sentence. You’ll have to stop, think, and ponder. I understand Urantia’s educational systems aren’t all that great and can hold massive levels of corruption. The Children of Luminosity and especially the Satanists simply don’t want you to learn how to think. Their agenda is to brainwash you in what to believe.

For those of you who have a weak background in the biological sciences, it might take you a full year or more to read The Molecular Biology of the Cell. But I promise you, when you have emerged from the last page of understanding, you will be a different person, a much wiser and more appreciative person.

Much wiser and more appreciative of yourself.

From that point on, every time you look in the mirror, your vision will slip beneath your skin, and you will see what is, and always has been going on below the surface. You will come to understand that the life that constitutes your physical body is a highly regulated system of Eukaryotic cells.

The ultimate, irreducible machine called animal ‘Life’ is an Eukaryotic cell. The physical body your Personality inhabits is a system of cellular factories.

That is what Rose and I designed, a very long time ago, while contemplating how We would build and fill Our Kingdom of Havona with life. We sat down with pencil and paper, and with a lot of thinking, and testing, We designed and manufactured multiple types of Eukaryotic cells, and saw how they performed within multiple types of environmental influences. The one We ultimately settled upon was a Eukaryotic cell almost identical to the ones that now comprises your Material, Triteen (Cro-Magnon) body today on Urantia.



It is, of course the wrong question. The correct question is what are the differences between the Eukaryotic cells that make up the different mammalian body-types on Urantia? We’ll keep it simple because it seems all the religious rioting has been around monkeys leading to humans. So lets stick to mammals right now.

This is another question Bruce Alberts’ team answers in their book. You will find that the minute differences between the cells that make up the different mammalian bodies have been well characterized.

Because these different animals look really different from each other, you might think they must be really different on the inside too. Not really.

We have the same senses of hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell. Our basic brain structures are quite similar. The functioning of our immune systems are remarkably uniform. The ways our neurons fire and communicate are virtually identical.

Mammalian bodies are so much alike, a guardian Angel often forgets what type of animal they are inhabiting at a particular lifetime.

Moving from a mouse to a rat, to a dog or cat, to a lemur or to a giraffe, to a Triteen or a rhinoceros is a process so trivial it requires nothing more than flipping a few switches to slightly modify cellular regulation. The process is trivial because the most fundamental unit of life, the Eukaryotic Cell, is already in place in all mammals.

‘Cellular regulation,’ that’s the place to look. That’s where you’ll find the answer to evolution.

The bigger questions is, who or what flipped the switches on genetic regulation that allowed for all of this beautiful, diversified array of creatures to sequentially manifest in a particular, logical order?



Hope this doesn’t seem too much like a copout, but it is true. The Celestial Rulers of an Evolutionary World make the stepwise decisions on when to unfold the next level of animal evolution. These Rulers are the ones obscured behind the curtain of the Celestial, systematically flipping the switches on genetic regulation. Ultimately this process is for creating Triteens.

Think what a great gift and luxury it is for those first Triteens to be born into an ecosphere as glorious as the one you had upon your planet Urantia.

Whether it be the staff of a Planetary Prince or an Adam and Eve couple, when each species of animals ‘evolves’ from another is a decision made by rational minds that have a particular Spiritual Agenda.



The process of building an ecosphere, an Evolutionary World like Urantia, is rather straightforward, the details of which have been optimized many Creations ago. Phases one and two are all physics. The process begins with locating a stable, reasonably sized solar orb, one that won’t burn out too soon. What’s the point of investing three or five billion years in developing an Evolutionary World if the sun is getting ready to supernova and wipe away all your hard toils?

Having multiple, protective gas-giants in the solar system’s outer orbits is a critical part of the overall design.

Phase two is the process of parking your planet in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’. This orbit, along with a rotational speed and an axial tilt produce four moderate seasons – not too hot and not too cold. Creating moons to drive oceanic tides is also a part of phase two. A single moon is usually the best.

Phase three, the implantation of life, doesn’t begin until Phase two has settled enough to prepare a planet for the seeding of simple Prokaryotic (bacterial) life. That’s when the real fun begins.

We start with the desired end product in mind – Triteens. Think back a couple of hundred thousand years ago when Homo sapiens first manifested. Envision what Urantia’s ecosphere looked like back then.

What are all the ingredients necessary for Triteen life to flourish? That’s one question you must ask yourself before implanting any life on an Evolutionary World. The second critical question entails the planet’s makeup of metals, minerals, gemstones, gasses, water, etc. These parameters are what the Life-Carriers have in mind when first deciding which strains of bacteria to bring to a planet.

The buildup of Prokaryotes happens in a step-wise manner; one layer building on the previous layer, until, finally your planet is ready for plants and animals with more complexity. The complex plants and animals build upon the programming within simple ones.

One detail that most miss is that Eukaryotic cells don’t evolve from Prokaryotes. Life Carriers do not bring Eukaryotes until the Prokaryotes have done their work to sufficiently prepare an Evolutionary World for the growth of these more complex forms of life.

See? Piece of cake. Cake, that is, after you’ve had several hundred creations to refine your design for all of these life-forms.

All this simply means that the life you see on Urantia and the step-wise manifestation of plants and animals was a process and sequence that was optimized long ago.



Let’s have a little competition, shall we? I am claiming that the ecosphere of an Evolutionary World is precisely planned. Rose and I set up the foundations for balanced, planetary ecologies while within Havona, before We created anything. When We started building sub-cellular machines, it wasn’t by just chanting some catchy words, and poof — there you have a really cool enzyme. Nope, it was a labor of love. Systematically We built up the ingredients that you now see at work on your planet Urantia.

If Atheists insist that life spontaneously self-assembled, giving rise to single cell organisms, and then everything else was driven by Natural Selection, it should be easy enough for you brilliant dudes to get together and build a few cells yourself.

Really, how difficult can it be?

Let’s start with a simple, but critical enzyme acting within Eukaryotic cells: Superoxide Dismutase. Rose and I ultimately decided to create a structurally unique molecule We called oxygen, and then use oxygen as a central element in energy production. (O2 in its native state is a bi-radical and therefore enjoys one electron transfer, a critical ability when accepting low energy electrons at the end step of ATP production in Mitochondria.) Once we made that decision, We were left with dealing with the inevitable byproducts created by oxygen metabolism, namely the Superoxide Anion.

This is all part of the oxygen free radical theories of disease and aging, one of the reasons you eat antioxidants as a part of your diet.

Consequentially, because We decided to use oxygen metabolism, We had to devise a machine to get rid of the Superoxide Anion, as it is quite reactive. We can’t have free radicals running around ruining our little molecular machines that are working so hard in a cell.

So here’s your first test — come up with an alternate design. You Atheists get together and design your own specialized enzyme that will convert Superoxide Anion into something less reactive.

Really, that’s all there is to it. Figure out what you want your cell to accomplish, then design, and build all of the sub-cellular mechanisms, assemble them, wrap them up in a robust plasma membrane, give ‘em some fuel, and Yee Haw, off they go.

On second thought, do something totally different. You know there are numerous moons in your solar system with high levels of methane. Everyone knows methane is a great fuel. Why not design a cell that runs on methane and create a sophisticated animal that is happy to live in a high methane atmosphere?

Oh, one restriction — you don’t get to start with a cell Rose and I already manufactured and then stick some enzyme into the genetic code. You have to build your own cell de novo.

Piece of cake, right? After all, if it’s pure evolution and no creation, you should be able to replicate it.

Why not call your new cell a ‘Devaputra Marah’?



Designing and manufacturing all of the sub-cellular machines in Our lab was one thing. How to get the Eukaryotic Cell to then build its own machines is quite a different problem.

Let us assume your planet Urantia had billions of years for the molecular components of a cell to find each other in the primordial soup, and then self-assemble.

Great. Now you have one cell.

The question then becomes, how does that one cell reproduce? Once a sub-cellular machine has self-assembled, then how do you get your Eukaryotic cell to manufacture more of the same thing?

We’ll go back to our example of Superoxide Dismutase. Through chance, all of the amino acids somehow came together within the primordial soup, in the correct order, with a manganese active site in just the right place. Now your Marah cell can rid itself of Superoxide Anion.

Yet it seems there might be a flaw in your logic. There is but another step.

Rose and I started with Our enzyme’s design, then had to work backwards and determine what DNA sequence would give rise to that particular enzyme. Because, the way it actually works (and all of this is laid out in exacting detail in The Molecular Biology of the Cell), an enzyme called RNA polymerase first reads the DNA code, creates a message, then that message gets sequentially processed until you have an active enzyme.

How do you think that happened in the primordial soup? What element or elements came together, read the design of the Superoxide Dismutase that had self-assembled, then reverse engineered the structure back to a genetic code?

That, boys and girls is the huge problem with Atheists who refuse to look at the reality of the matter. The reality of the matter is the genetic code. The genetic code is a package of intelligence.

Where do you think that intelligence came from?



Remember back to the blog on The Lake of Fire and the manifestation of the Overlords? (If you haven’t read it, you can click here.) Now ask yourself, what type of body did the Overlord’s Personalities inhabit, and where did those bodies come from?

Certainly not from Rose and me. Remember, We didn’t exist at that point in time.

From My best understanding, it was The Lake of Fire herself who created those first bodies. And yes, those bodies were made up of little cellular factories. Therefore, the very first cells were fabricated by The Lake of Fire. Then, as time passed, Artisans within the Overlord families refined those designs.

Rose and I cheated, in that the memories of those very first, primitive cellular designs were somehow embedded within us when We first came into existence. Those were Our starting points when We began.

Not to brag too much, but when We actually visited Satan’s First Kingdom and evaluated the cells The Lake of Fire and the Overlords had manufactured, well, they were terribly simplistic and crude by comparison. Still, they turned out to be great starting points for Our own work.

Which is all very fair, because you guys get to cheat too. You are starting with My most refined design. You get to read and memorize The Molecular Biology of the Cell before you even start building your own ‘Devaputra Marah’ cell.

Here’s My ultimate challenge. Design and build a cell, and do it before you die. Because, after death you will be taken before a panel of expert judges who will ask to see your design. At that point you will have three options:

  1. If you have a good, original cell design, and have developed the ability to build one, you will be allowed to go wherever you want to go.
  2. If, before your physical death in this life, you recognize My Existence, then you’ll be assigned to The Sisters of Mercy, and together, with Lady Sipheria as your mentor, you’ll decide what’s next.
  3. If you fail both one and two, you will be taken to a slave planet in a ‘special’ deep pit of Hell and be compelled to perform Sadistic hard labor for all eternity.

Sound fair enough?

Then get busy.

Chop Chop!

Times-ah waistin.

Just Kidding…

Got ya, didn’t I?

I’m curious. When you read the above crap, did you get suckered in, even just for a moment?

If there are any means by which individuals are judged, whether or not you recognize My Existence, or can build a Eukaryotic-type cell, these two are certainly not two of the criteria. We do not send you to special, deep pits of Hell for such irrational reasons.

Don’t get me wrong. There are ‘special’ deep pits in Hell where particularly horrible Personalities perform Sadistic hard labor for all eternity. But whether you will go to such a place isn’t determined by irrelevant means like recognizing My Existence or building a Eukaryotic cell.

I was just trying to make a point regarding the complexities surrounding the origin of life. If you have any interest in the ultimate nature of animal life, your physical life, then I really want you to read The Molecular Biology of the Cell.

The other point I want to make has to do with your existing state of loyalty to some Deity or another. The Overlords and their Demigods do, in fact exist, which is why I used the name, ‘Devaputra Marah’.

You might remember from your studies of Buddhism, Devaputra Marah (often spelled Mara), was the demon who tempted Gautama Buddha. I promise you this — The Demigod Marah is alive and well, and under the guise of Atheism, preaching his God, Narayana’s agendas.

Many of you are bound by the Etherial Leviathans of an Overlord family and have lost free will because of it. Many of you claim to be Atheists, but are anything but that.

You might be claiming that I, El Elyon do not exist. That’s okay. What isn’t okay is spouting off about some Overlord’s dogma, a dogma that is quite destructive to families and communities.

Are you claiming that I don’t exist, while at the same time doing the will of a creature bent on planetary destruction?

That is a thing you must discover for yourself.


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