The Origins of Individuality


On the Origins of Individuality

More on Creation and our Origins as revealed by El Elyon.

By El Elyon of Havona


Our previous discussions on the Origins of Species and the Origins of Life addressed the formation of a physical body. Although it was not spelled out, the first Eukaryotic cells designed by Rose and Me was a process carried out within the Celestial Realm of Havona. Regardless of whether these cells are constructed of Material matter or Celestial matter every detail of their design and function are the same.

Eukaryotic cells, whether Celestial or Material, give rise to the same bodily functions. We used the exact same design, the exact same molecular mechanisms, and the exact same genetic coding algorithms irrespective of whether Material or Celestial matter is being used to fabricate these cells.

The result? Your Individual Personality is supported by the same type of body, regardless of whether you are living on a Celestial Mansion World, or living on a Physical, Material Evolutionary World.

But what is it, which inhabits these Celestial or Material bodies? What is Individuality? How does a Personality interface with the bodies it inhabits? Where did your Individual Personality come from? How does it evolve? What manner of material is this Personality constructed from?

Just as there is Celestial and Material matter, there is also Morontial matter. Morontial stuff is just another type of substance. Remarkably, Urantia’s modern day astrophysicists living within the Material realm have demonstrated the existence of the Morontial and the Celestial. They simply use different names. The term Dark Energy is used to describe Celestial stuff. The term Dark Matter is used to describe Morontial stuff.

The Material, Celestial, and Morontial exist in orthogonal dimensions. Each of these dimensions has eleven harmonics. We must, therefore, accept the existence of three dimensions each with eleven harmonics in order to create an ultimate ‘Theory of Everything’.

Your famous Higgs Boson is the anchor point that binds together the Morontial, Celestial, and Material. Therefore, there are ten harmonics unique to each of the three dimensions, and one anchor point shared by all, for a total of 31 discrete domains.

The Mother Spirit flows through and is perpendicular to all three.

Once you get your head wrapped around that, it all becomes quite simple.



Our Individual Personalities come from five distinct sources. The very first Individual was The Lake of Fire herself. She arose out of Nothing’s arena. The next Individuals came from her. Those Individuals flowed into Satan’s First Kingdom. The next Individuals arose from the designs of the Overlords who manufactured Nephilim. Some time after that is when Lady Lake gave rise to Rose and Me.

It was Rose and I who then constructed Individual Personalities for our own purposes. You may remember that the first three Individuals we created were Ayasia, Ariea, and Cytheia. With those three in place, the ground was set for the source of the last Individuals, those who we call Ascenders.

Most of you, regardless of your original source, probably think of yourselves as Ascenders. The Ascenders start as simple Chakaric lenses within the simplest animals (bugs). Then as these Individuals progressively move to more and more complex animals, they grow and ‘Ascend’ toward Havona.


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