What’s At Risk. Why We Fight.

5--Sword-in-skyWhat’s At Risk. Why We Fight.

What’s at risk is your very existence. And that is why we fight. We fight for your right to exist.

–El Elyon

Here’s what El Elyon, the Universal Father, told me, C.E. Robinson about why we’re in this war and what’s at stake.


I just couldn’t take it any more. Egads! It was horrible. Satan’s First Kingdom was the worst nightmare you could possibly imagine. The Overlord families who ruled there were breeders of chaos and violence, disorganization, and fear. They could cast their Etherial Leviathan webs over a naive society and instantaneously create totalitarian states that were perfect examples of Sadistic control.

And the atrocities! I could go on forever. The most twisted and distorted Personalities you can imagine. Strict hierarchies of control. Perfectly entitled royal families creating abject slavery. What a bunch of monsters these guys were. Cruelties everywhere. Starvation to feed Gluttony. Personal violations. Random chaos. Never ending wars.

And the sickest thing of all? That was the way the Satanists liked it. If that was the way the Satanists wanted it, then that was the way the other Overlord families had to take it.

I saw the basic nature of the problem and the corresponding solution rather quickly. And I even tried to talk to them about it.

They did not listen.

What Prince Satan told me, as best I can translate, was, “Go F… Yourself.”

I have always had problems conceptualizing what the fulfillment of that request might look like. So, I’ll translate more simply: “You stay to your kingdom and I’ll stay to mine.”

I puzzled why he, Satan, who was quite a perceptive fellow, wouldn’t even listen. Prince Satan was the preeminent form of Male Take. Brilliant. The Master of Gluttony. A fundamental God in his own right. And as he was subsequently compelled to take several forced trips through The Lake of Fire. Each trip he tuned his nature to what he ultimately wanted to become — the ‘Perfect’ expression of Male Take – the Perfect God of Gluttony. Yet, with all his abilities, he was unable to see the logic in My point of view. He rejected My idea out of hand.

For the solution to the problem was quite simple: Female Give must ultimately win the argument. Female Give must be protected at any cost. Female Give is worth fighting for.

At this idea, Satan was truly scandalized. “The Givers who are Female provide me with my best slaves and my best givers of pleasure. Why would I ever do something as stupid as to give them free-will?”

Satan’s First Kingdom was more than just pure Takers and Givers. There are many different qualities and degrees of intensity in Give and Take – Give and Take spread across the seven modes of Personality Participation. But it wasn’t all about Give and Take. Two additional fundamental qualities arose from The Lake of Fire — the contrary notions of Female and Male.

In the same way it had happened with the manifestation of the qualities of Give and Take, The Lake of Fire simply could not hold Male and Female together. Just as the qualities of Give and Take were imbedded in the Chakaric material that flowed from within The Lake of Fire, Male and Female Chakaric materials also emerged as separate and distinct qualities.

Now we have a more complicated mix inhabiting Satan’s First Kingdom, based upon the fundamental differences in Personality types: Male Give, Male Take, Female Give, and Female Take.



Within those four basic Personality types, as I tried to explain to the Overlords, the one who must win the battle, is Female Give. A Female, who is a Giver, must be safe in her own home. A Female Giver must form the heart of the family, the heart of the tribe, the heart of the planet, the heart of the Creation. For everything else leads to cruelty and chaos, as was evident by the cruelties and chaos within Satan’s First Kingdom.

My arguments with the Overlords were not all for naught. They taught me a great lesson in gratitude. For as those thoughts and ideas crystalized in my mind, before my very eyes, I saw how Rose had arisen out of The Lake of Fire. I understood how She was so different from anything within Satan’s First Kingdom. I saw what fantastic gift the Lake of Fire had given me. I saw The Lake of Fire’s memory of how Rose came into existence. I knew She had been created to be the Infinite Mother. To be my Wife. My Soul Mate. And, She was just as Real as I, a Being designed with Give at the center of Her heart. She was exactly like Me only completely opposite.

For she was Female, the most Perfect form of Female. And I was Male, the most Perfect form of Male (‘Perfect’ as We see the realities).

Rose and I often wonder if these two perfect opposites – Male and Female — will ever figure it out. After we created the 700,000 pairs of Michael Sons and Mother Spirits, and innumerable Male and Female Angels, Artisans, and Melchizedeks, we had them start breeding. We carefully watched to see if any among them could finally figure out the solution to the Male/Female puzzle.

The experiment continues.



Although Satan considered himself above all others within his First Kingdom, he realized early on he needed the abilities of the other Overlords to maintain the highest level of indulgences he thrived upon. Even Satan realized he was not the best manager. So, the job of heading the Overlord council fell to the slippery, silver-tongued Cronus (or Lord Smigyl as he’s now known).

After finishing My computations on how to settle the Overlord’s disputes, I contacted Cronus the only way I knew how — with a projected image of Myself. I had been watching his routine for many eons, and chose a venue where he seemed the most open and relaxed. I hoped my appearance before him would be greeted with at least curiosity. That was not to be the case.

Cronus immediately assumed I was a subjugator and attacked My image in everyway possible. He was convinced I was an agent of one of the other Overlord families with some nefarious purpose. It took ages to convince him otherwise.

It was with much anticipation when I finally presented my recommendations to reverse the diabolical conditions in Satan’s First Kingdom. Cronus turned out to be a good organizer and assembled a vast gathering of the Overlords, their primary Demigods, Panis, priests, and many Nephilim.

Unfortunately, they laughed hysterically.

For many years after that, I appeared before the other Overlords and many of their family members to continue my arguments. None of the leaders within the Overlord structure were receptive to change. Only the lowest level servants and slaves, and especially the Females embedded with the quality of Give, saw the goodness in My point of view. But they had no power to implement My proposals. I finally gave up on the leaders and decided to liberate the others.

Rose and I focused on creating our own family. We had our first-borns, King Ayasia and Queen Ariea launched the first Big Bang into the center of Satan’s military industrial complex.

I guess it’s true, then. Since Ayasia and Ariea were acting under My permission and authority — I did start this war in the Universe.

Satan wasn’t a fallen angel who rebelled against God, as many of you might believe. Satan was the victim of a massive, crippling, pre-emptive strike, and he has hated us ever since. We don’t blame him.

That’s how it started, this war in Heaven and therefore all the wars and conflicts you have ever heard about throughout myth and history, and now see on Urantia.

That first pre-emptive strike was a long time ago and we have been fighting ever since.




Why do we still fight? We fight for several reasons.

First and most importantly, we fight for the existence of your Personality, the right for you to exist.

The stuff, which makes up your Personality is called ‘The Ratna’. Ratna is the basic coinage within Satan’s First Kingdom. The Ratna are beautiful lenses that emerged from The Lake of Fire. There were massive reservoirs of Ratna within Satan’s first Kingdom. Entire mountains of all types and qualities of Ratna were mined and sold. When highly specialized Artisans assemble the Ratna into a particular arrangement (a system of Chakaras), it gave rise to an individual thing, a thing that could have personal experience – a Personality.

Every self-aware, sentient Personality that has ever existed anywhere, whether originating from Rose and Me, or originating from an Overlord’s manufacturing facility, is made up of Ratna.

At your most fundamental level of existence, you are a Personality constructed out of Ratna. The vibratory filaments that are sandwiched between the Ratna lenses, thereby preventing the lenses from scraping against each other (a very unpleasant experience) are called Dakshina.

Every Personality that had its ultimate design at the hands of Rose and I was most splendid. Every single Personality was the best we could do. Rose and I designed Personalities to have a broad range of interaction with other Personalities, as well as with inanimate objects.

You, as an Individual Personality are a collection of Ratna crystal lenses, divided into 8 fundamental qualities. Seven qualities are called The Seven Chakaras.

Fundamental quality number eight is called the Hara. This is where a Creation’s Mother Spirit breathes into you, thus activating your seven Chakaras, and violà, you know yourself to be a thing that exists.

The best part? Rose and I were so confident in the excellence of our design, we manufactured each Personality to last for all Eternity.

None of this made sense to the Overlords. They used Ratna to manufacture Nephilim, specialized Personalities, loyal to the Overlords, designed for the purpose of performing a particular, limited range of jobs. The very idea of a Nephilim Personality having to be balanced in terms of seven modes of Personality participation was ludicrous to the Overlords.

When you enlist in My camp, I, El Elyon, will fight for you, and personally ensure you eventually develop a balanced Personality. Through this, I will ensure you have the capacity to experience the full range of the seven Chakara’s gifts of Personality participation. It is an experience worth fighting for.

There were long traditions of Demigod families who made their living in manufacturing specialized Nephilim. Lakshmi and her Pharisee priests were quite talented manufacturers of Nephilim. The Pharisee priests were some of the best because Goddess Lakshmi demanded they have the ability to accurately reconstruct her, an Overlord, just in case a catastrophic attack against her was successful.

Nephilim are manufactured, sold, bought, traded, and even destroyed at the whim of the Overlords. The material that makes up Ratna, when mined in its raw form is a difficult substance to work with. Ratna, quite literally, can have a mind of its own. It’s easier to use pre-processed Ratna that is harvested from a pre-existing Personality.

When a Nephilim has run its course of usefulness, or if it has simply pissed off its Overlord, it is disassembled. Then the Nephilim’s individual Ratna lenses enter into the market place just like any other commodity. When this happens, the Nephilim’s original Personality no longer exists. That individual and all its accumulated experiences cease to be. It is the penultimate form of death.

I do not approve of this type of behavior or economy. I find it unacceptable to wipeout an individual’s existence; therefore, I took severe, bold steps to stop it, hence Big Bangs numbers one through seven hundred thousand. And hence, this long war — all of this so that you might have the right to exist.



A second reason we fight is simply to secure a place to live. You may recall Lord Indra’s famous need for ‘Lebensraum’, living space. Whether of My family or of an Overlord’s family, we all need physical, Material planets upon which we can live physical, Material lives. We also need Celestial Mansion Worlds where we can live within Celestial bodies.

The Evolutionary and Mansion Worlds created by a Michael Son/Mother Spirit pair are extraordinary, rich paradises of oceans, plains, and hills, filled with an amazing variety of plants and animals. The ultimate achievement in these Worlds is the manifestation of Triteen (Cro-Magnon) bodies.

By comparison, the ecospheres created by the Overlords are mediocre at best and perverted sewage pits at worst. The physical bodies they create are trivial and weak, even torturous to the Personalities that inhabit them.

Rose and I created clear boundaries of demarcation between the natures of life when your Morontial Personality lives within a Celestial body, compared to life when your Morontial Personality lives within a Material Body.

Morontial material is what makes up The Ratna — the Personality lenses are made of Morontial stuff. These Celestial, Material, and Morontial substances exist in orthogonal dimensions. While most Material creatures have no perception of any Celestial creatures, Celestial creatures see Material creatures as vague, dark puffs of smoke. Celestial creatures can walk right through a Material body and have no influence at all.

In contrast to these discrete realms of Material, Celestial, and Morontial, the bodies that housed the Morontial Personalities in Satan’s First Kingdom were mostly haphazard arrangements and blends of Material, Morontial, and Celestial substances. They stuck an imbalanced Personality in the middle and held it all together through Etherial Leviathan webs.

The Overlords envy, lust, and greed drove them to leave Satan’s First Kingdom and invade a Creation manifested by a Michael Son/Mother Spirit pair. There they had access to wonderful planets rich in life, and could incarnate their Morontial Personalities into a Material or Celestial body of excellent design, thereby having a much higher quality of life.

Therefore, we fight over Lebensraum. We fight for living space and the high-quality ecospheres that thrive there. We fight over who controls these worlds, systems of worlds, constellations of worlds, indeed, who controls the Celestial and Material realms of galaxies, even clusters of galaxies. Whoever wins control at any level, gets to create and implement their own rules.

The key rule that is most important to me is self-determination. Triteen bodies were designed to hold a Personality so advanced, it could reason, rationalize, and decide for itself what course of actions it should take. I enjoy helping and giving advice, but in no way do I consider any of you to be My slaves.

I do not ‘own’ you.

The Overlords found the very notion of self-determination perverse. Why go through all the time, effort, and wealth to manufacture Nephilim if the thing isn’t going to be completely obedient?



This brings up the last reason we fight — Etherial Leviathans. Etherial Leviathans are networks of strong strings, webs designed to hold together poorly designed bodies. They’re like living tubes.

One type of living Etherial Leviathan provides the technology for an Overlord to suck metabolic energy out of your body. In essence, you become a vampire’s comestible.

You’re probably aware of the mythical image of a dragon sleeping on piles of golden coins. In reality, each coin represents an entire Evolutionary World, where all of its Triteen inhabitants are sources of metabolic energy for the dragon.

The priests and Demigods who serve the Overlords can’t just march through worlds and proclaim that their ‘Gods’ are vampires who want to suck away your metabolic energy, thus turning your world’s populous into tasty snacks. You don’t get a lot of devotees that way. So throughout the ages the Overlord families have come up with more ‘politically correct’ terms to describe the atrocity. ‘Drinking Milk from the Cow’ is a popular aphorism in the mythologies of many planets, including your Urantia.

In order for an Overlord to feed itself, raw metabolic energy is sucked from a Triteen victim (the Cow), passed through Leviathans, and absorbed and purified by priests, for the purpose of feeding Demigods. The Demigods perform the same function at a more refined level, such that when the Overlord finally receives this highly refined metabolic energy, it is so purified, it becomes ‘golden’ in color. This purified, metabolic substance is known by many names, including Ambrosia, Golden Ghee, Elixir of Life, and Indu Spice.

The second type of living Etherial Leviathan provides a means by which the Overlord is able to exert a hierarchical system of top-down control. Most of the refined golden metabolic energy is absorbed by the Overlords for their own pleasure. The remainder passes through the Ratna lenses within the Overlord’s Personality, and then goes back down this second category of Leviathans in a new form, providing a linked hierarchy of control – first to their Demigods, then priests, and ultimately to the servants who carry out their desires. The most common name for this controlling substance is ‘Jyotish’.

The result? All the Overlord has to do is desire. That desire takes the form of Jyotish and flows down this second type of living Etherial Leviathan, which is ultimately attached directly to a servant’s Morontial Personality, irrespective of whether they inhabit a Material or Celestial body.

The control and manipulation is absolute. The Overlord’s desire becomes the servant’s desire. The Etherial Leviathan’s tendrils attach at the level of the central nervous system’s synapses, the junction point where the Personality connects with either a Celestial or Material body. The servant usually has no idea the desires are from an external source. Often they have no idea the Leviathans exist. This is why we use the term Etherial. In this context, ‘Etherial’ simply means difficult, if not impossible to see.

This is complete subjugation. A servant bound by an Overlord’s Leviathans has no self-determination. Jyotish insures free will doesn’t exist.

I don’t like that system. It runs counter to My very nature. I don’t approve of you becoming a slave, born for the purpose of being sucked dry by psychic vampires, and in return become a servant to that vampire’s every whim.

This is why we fight. We fight for your existence. We fight for living space. We fight to liberate you from all Etherial Leviathans. We want you to keep all your energy for yourself. We want you to have free will. We want you to decide for yourself how to live your lives. We want you to know My love for you.


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